Your Monthly Horoscope Is Here: August 2019


Hey Astra Babes,

How are y’all feeling after that retrograde? It was a rough one, but we made it through! Here is your August monthly horoscope!


You love being the leader as you are the first of the zodiac. This month asks you to take a step back and be the listener. Your job in August is to step back, see the bigger picture and not be hot headed (lol).



Taurus, you have been contemplating a lot about what you want out of life. This month you should follow your instincts and go for what you have been waiting for! There is a career shift coming and you should be ready for it.



Your romantic life has been bustling this hot girl summer. August will force you to make the hard decisions and choose who you will be cuffing come winter. The honeymoon phase is over, love. Your heart knows which way to go, follow it.



As Cancer season ends, try to stay out of your shell. It’s going to work for your advantage. Try not to push people away and see where it leads you this month.



Leo baby, it’s your season! Shine bright this month and celebrate you! Treat yourself as we know you will.



Your season is coming at the end of this month. We encourage you to be your full self but try not to hurt the feelings of others. We know you’re telling the truth but your opinion isn’t always asked.



Libra, your ruling planet Venus will be making an appearance this month making you irresistible. Use that to your advantage to get what you want, whether it’s love, a raise, or anything else. You will have the power.



This month is asking you to focus and grow your relationships. Your communication skills need to improve to show your loved ones around you how much you care.



Your ruling planet Jupiter is going direct this month, you need to reflect on what it means for your freedom. Are the people surrounding you letting you breathe or do you feel suffocated? Ponder that and communicate it as we enter Virgo season.



As August is entering Virgo season, your hard working energy will spike. Use that energy to get what you’re looking for out of your career!



Aquarius, your ruling planet Uranus goes into retrograde this month. You will be thinking hard about your social circle and what you are getting out of them.



Pisces, as Jupiter’s retrograde is ending, you will be asked to be brave and show yourself. Let the Virgo energy help you act confidently in your creativity.

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