The Truth About Mink Lashes



One of the major trends to hit the beauty market are Mink Eyelashes. They are popular because they’re gorgeous, soft, and luxurious. Mink Lashes can be purchased individually or in strips. They completely transformed the eyelash industry. Prior to Minks - the only lashes you could purchase were stiff, shiny, and plastic looking.

Everyone is sporting Mink Lashes these days. You can find your favorite celebrity wearing them and probably even your best friend. Many people aren’t aware of the torture that Minks go through just so you can rock gorgeous lashes. We weren’t even aware ourselves until we started looking for answers.

If you aren’t aware Minks are animals that live in the wild. They are the cousin of a ferret. They like to run free and require 20-50 acres of land to live a fulfilling life. Here’s a photo of a Mink below


As we started to do our research, we were greatly disturbed by the things we were seeing and reading. The popularity of Mink lashes has aided in the capture of Minks. Once the Minks are captured they are piled into feces filled cages so that companies can extract their fur for lashes.


Many companies claim to “gently” brush the tails of the Minks until their furs fall off. However it is nearly impossible to gently brush a Mink as they are wild and very aggressive animals.

The average life span of a Mink in the wild is 3 years but on Mink farms they usually die after 8 short months due to disease, depression, and self-mutilation. Yes, you read that right - self-mutilation. The Minks go through so much physical and mental torture that they begin to mutilate themselves by biting and clawing at their own skin.


Once the Minks die - they are then piled on a mountain full of other dead Minks. It is truly sad what these Minks have to go through just so people can wear eyelashes.

-photo taken by VITA

If you currently use Mink lashes - whether you use the strips or individual lashes, we hope this post will change your mind. If this isn’t enough to convince you to stop wearing Mink lashes then I don’t know what is.

There ARE other lash options out there that are just as luxurious as Minks and some that are even better.

Our Astra Beauty lashes are one of them. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what people are saying about our lashes below:

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