The Story Behind Astra Beauty

YouTube Star Ana Buford and Model Ashley Bass launched Astra Beauty in January 2019. Here’s the story about how Astra Beauty came to be - it all started with a DM!

Before connecting via Instagram Ana + Ashley were both young stay at home moms living on opposite sides of the world. Ashley lived in Los Angeles with her family and Ana lived in Nebraska with hers. They were almost 2,000 miles apart but unbeknownst to them - they had so much in common!


Both of them wanted to start their own thriving business so that they could earn a sufficient amount of income and be home to help their kids learn and grow. They had tons of ideas but weren’t quite sure how to implement them.

Their ability to come up with amazing ideas is what led Ana + Ashley to bond in the first place. They knew each other from high school but they never talked much. When Ana moved away their Sophomore year, they completely lost touch but they remained social media friends.

After losing touch for almost 7 years, they randomly struck up a conversation in May of 2018. Ana had just started an amazing planner business - Doodle Planners. Ashley saw how gorgeous and creative it was, so she messaged Ana to congratulate her. This led Ana to talk about her love/hate relationship with being a serial entrepreneur. She discussed how she always had a million ideas that she wanted to Implement.

As soon as Ana told Ashley that, she IMMEDIATELY felt the connection because she felt the same exact way. She always had a new great idea and a new business that she wanted to start. This made Ashley ask Ana when her Birthday was. Ana’s response was - December 29th.

Ashley’s face lit up and she screamed to herself “OMG! I KNEW IT - she’s a Capricorn just like me!” This explained why they are so much alike. Ana and Ashley had an instant connection and they began to talk more often.


On August 1st, 2018 - Ana messaged Ashley and said “when are we going to start a business together?!”. It was completely out of the blue, but it made perfect sense considering their backgrounds and Ashley knew the perfect business for them to start - a beauty business!

They both love makeup and Ana is an expert when it comes to quality products. Her expertise has allowed her to acquire over 62,000 subscribers on YouTube. The majority of them watch her channel just to see her gorgeous makeup tutorials.

On top of having a passion for makeup, they both also had the skills necessary to start a company. Ashley had a background in sales and marketing accompanied by an Accounting Degree. Ana had a background in graphic design and photography plus she knew how to slay her makeup. They were the perfect duo and their skills would help them bring something they both loved to life.

Their first task was deciding what product they wanted to launch first. Ana suggested that they start with lashes and after a little hesitation - Ashley agreed. They both love lashes and feel they are a necessity to complete any look.

Ana + Ashley were originally going to offer Luxury Mink Lashes but after great consideration and a big push from the universe they decided that their company would be cruelty free, so they canned the mink lashes.

WEB AB.jpg

This led them on their journey to find the highest quality synthetic lashes on the market. They searched tirelessly trying to find the right vendor and talked to over 70+ vendors but weren’t satisfied with the lashes they had to offer. All of their lashes were stiff, bulky, and plastic looking.

They started getting discouraged and were on the verge of giving up when they finally found a vendor that could supply them with the high quality faux mink lashes they were looking for. The lashes were everything they wanted for their company - luxurious, fluffy, wispie, & natural looking plus they were cruelty-free.

After finding the perfect lashes they wanted to figure out another way to differentiate themselves. They knew the quality of their lashes would set them apart but they couldn’t stop there. They didn’t want to be like any other beauty or lash company on the market! This is when they started thinking of themes for their company and that’s when it hit them - Astrology!

They wanted to base their entire company off of astrological themes & events. With both of them being Capricorn’s and being so similar they knew it was the perfect idea. Plus it was the reason they connected in the first place! After considering a few names they decided on Astra Beauty and have been going full force from there.

They are excited to continue growing and adding more products. They have SO much more in store. So be on the look out.

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